Sunshine Summit Lodge Students Speak Up

Today I’m feeling calm and relaxed. My mind is clear, kind, and happy. I’ve learned to stay in the present moment and avoid dwelling on my past misdeeds. There is a lot to be said for facing my personal demons, writing my wrongs and working on moving forward with my life. I’m looking forward to course tomorrow.

Thanks to Sunshine Summit Lodge I’ve been sober one. This is one month of my life that I can remember from start to finish with not blackout and no waking up in an unfamiliar place. I never realized how truly chaotic my life was until I had been here a few weeks. I’ve finally come to understand that the way I was living my life was self-destructive and headed for disaster. What started out as fun had turned into nights on end fuelled by constant drug use and suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Now I know I’ll never have to go through those awful symptoms again thanks to this program. I can put my past behind me and live my life as a drug-free person no longer controlled by the substances I take.
C. M.

Learning tons about how I can remain healthy, happy and surrounded by other happy and healthy people too!
R. P.

Today was a great day, what a great realization! I know my last realization while in course was really great and my best one so far. I’m so happy and I can’t wait for the next objective when I go to course tomorrow. I’m curious to see what other great thoughts and realizations I’ll have in the morning.
V. T.

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