Getting the education I need

I am out of sauna and diving head first into doing something I know I’m going to enjoy, studying and learning about myself. Honestly, that’s why I am here. I knew that Sunshine Summit Lodge’s drug rehab program was going to be different than any other rehabilitation program because they actually teach their clients important life skills and educate them on all areas of addiction. I’m going to discover more about myself here in drug rehab than I ever did while I attended college. I need to know why I choose drugs as a solution to my problems and how I can solve those problems in the future without resorting to substance use. Although I grew fond of sweating in sauna, I’m even fonder of studying and learning. I’m pretty darn psyched right now. The sauna program has turned my brain “on” and I’m so excited to be using it instead of abusing it! Thank You!
T. B.

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