Addressing the physical part of recovery

“This is the best part of the program, getting rid of all residual drug toxins in my body. No other program addresses the physical part of recovery like the New Life Detoxification Program does.  I feel cleaner, brighter and more energetic. I am ready to continue the rest of the program and keep on having great wins.”
H. M.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers utilize the New Life Detoxification Program to help their clients fully detox and purify their bodies. After taking substances such as prescription medications, marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, etc. for an extended period of time the substances leave behind toxic drug metabolites that stay in the body long after the person has stopped using. When a recovering person experience times of stress, physical activity, etc. these drug residuals become dislodged from their fatty tissue. When the residual drug toxins begin to circulate in the blood stream it can cause the individual to experience physical cravings for the substance. The New Life Detoxification Program is a specific regimen of medically supervised exercise, nutritional supplements and time spent sweating in a dry sauna in order to flush out the remaining drug metabolites and fully purify the individual. This intensive detox process is the cornerstone of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program and is credited to be the reason behind their exceptional success rates.

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