My mind is more aware

I have now completed the New Life Detoxification Program. Thanks to the sauna my body and mind feel great. I feel cleaner and purer in general; I am now stronger and healthier. My skin is softer and clearer my mood is positive and my mind is more aware. Thank you to all the Fort Collins New Life Center staff members for getting me through this part of the Narconon Fresh Start program.
J. F.

“The New Life Detoxification Program removes the root cause of future physical cravings and relapse by eliminating the toxic drug residuals stored in the fatty tissues. It consists of a protocol of medically supervised exercise, combined with dry sauna therapy and scientifically formulated nutritional supplements targeted to rid the fatty tissues of the stored drug metabolites, eliminating the physical cause of cravings and relapse. The results in psychological and physical benefits are often nothing less than remarkable per our client testimonials.”

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