How does someone become an alcoholic

Many people believe that alcoholism is an inherited condition like blue eyes or brown hair; there are more factors that go into a person becoming an alcoholic than their family history. While genetics play a role in influencing whether a person is prone to alcohol abuse or addiction it certainly is not the deciding factor. There are many children and grandchildren of alcoholics who are able to drink socially and do not go on to develop problems with alcohol. However, their chances of becoming dependent on alcohol are somewhat greater than an individual who has no family history of addiction problems.

Some of the other factors that are known to lead to alcohol addiction include:

  • the environment the individual lives in
  • their personal stress levels and ability to handle stress
  • the availability of alcohol
  • the influence of their friends and social groups

In the end, there are no concrete rules regarding whether a person will become an alcoholic or not. People with no family histories of alcoholism still become dependent on alcohol while those with a large number of alcoholics in the family remain addiction free.

Lone Star Victory Ranch drug rehab helps alcoholics confront and locate the specific causes of their addiction problem. The program assists the recovering person in identifying the many behaviors common to alcoholics and work on resolving them. While in alcohol rehab the recovering individual will develop new ways to handle difficult situations without turning to alcohol as a solution. Clients enter the Lone Star Victory Ranch program as addicts and alcoholics but become students during their time in treatment learning valuable life skills and everyday abilities necessary to maintaining their sobriety when they return home.

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