What is alcoholism

The term alcoholism is synonymous with “alcohol dependence” or “alcohol addiction”. A person who suffers from alcoholism experiences intense cravings for alcohol and continues to drink despite ongoing alcohol related issues. These alcohol related issues might include losing one’s job, getting into trouble with the law, struggling financially, problems with one’s health, etc. The four symptoms of alcoholism include cravings, impaired control, physical dependence and tolerance.

A craving is when an addicted person feels a strong need or compulsion to drink alcohol. Individuals who are addicted to other substances experience cravings for their drug of choice whether it is marijuana, meth, heroin, cocaine, etc. When a person begins to suffer from impaired control over their ability to limit their drinking they are exhibiting one of the symptoms of alcoholism. At a certain point in a person’s abuse of alcohol their body begins to physically rely on the substance to function “normally”. Without it they will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating, shakiness and anxiety when they do not have access to alcohol. Tolerance, one of the four key symptoms of alcoholism often becomes noticeable to the addicted person early on. They will find that they need to drink more than they did before to achieve the effect they are looking for. When a couple beers used to do the job now a six pack is necessary to feel “relaxed” or “buzzed”.

We understand how difficult alcoholism is for both you and your family. Fort Collins New Life Center drug rehab program in Colorado is able to help you or your love one put an end to a life filled with chaos and alcohol abuse and help you learn to live a life with direction, purpose and integrity. With over 45 years of successful graduates, our program is a leader in the field of alcoholism recovery. You can have your life back and Fort Collins New Life Center will help you get there.

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