The Dangers of Methadone

Current research into the field of opioid addiction recovery reveals that methadone programs as a form of harm-reduction may cause more victims than they prevent. While this substance is taken by addicted individuals it is not an innocent drug. One person’s methadone maintenance dose is another person’s poison. When a person regularly uses opiates they develop a tolerance to the substances effects; this applies to methadone maintenance too. A person who takes methadone maintenance as a form of opiate rehabilitation may be able to function normally on a dose that would have been fatal to a non-tolerant individual. Additionally, methadone is dangerous if taken recreationally along with other drugs. When methadone is used in combination with other substances the chances of a drug overdose increase substantially.

During methadone maintenance deaths occur more frequently at the beginning of treatment than at any other time. This is thought to be due to excessive dossing, erroneously estimated tolerance of the recovering individual and/or the individual suffering from problems with their health such as hepatitis or pneumonia. The effects of this substance encompass the entire spectrum of opioid side effects. This means that recovering individuals can expect to experience tolerance, physical dependence, psychological dependence, respiratory depression, hypotension, bronchospasms, constipation, nausea, vomiting, sedation, vertigo and edema.

Methadone causes physical dependence in those who use the drug regularly; when discontinued the individual will experience withdrawal symptoms. A person on methadone will have a suppressed cough reflex, contracted pupils, drowsiness and constipation. Also, females who habitually use methadone may not have regular periods but are still able to conceive. Because this drug is a long-acting opioid its’ effects can last up to 36 hours and traces of the drug will remain in the user’s body for several days after ingestion.

In the end, switching to methadone in hopes of ending your heroin addiction or other opioid addiction problems will lead to methadone dependence and yet another substance that controls you. Choosing to go through the withdrawal process entirely drug-free or at least as drug-free as possible will mean never having to feel dependent on anther substance, not having to live in fear of withdrawal symptoms and gaining the opportunity to experience life entirely drug-fee and sober.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs provides opioid addicted individuals with the opportunity to end their addiction once and for all without using any drug replacement therapy or substation medications. Once the program participant is through the withdrawal process they will no longer be controlled by any prescription medication to maintain their sobriety. Narconon Fresh Start’s network of treatment centers provides long-term residential care. They are able to give their clients with the time and education needed to achieve sobriety as well as all the tools and life skills necessary to maintain it. When a person graduates from Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab they have taken back control over their life and responsibility for their actions.

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