About addiction

Addiction to illicit street drugs, over the counter medications, prescription drugs or alcohol all take a toll on the user changing who they are physically, psychologically and emotionally. In the past, people used to believe that a person was only an addict if they needed to take the substance every day or if they suffered withdrawal symptoms when they stopped using. A common misconception was that all addicted individuals were poor, unemployed inner city dwellers.

These previous misconceptions of who an addict is have been put to rest. Today, it is known that anyone can suffer from addiction problems no matter how young or old, rich or poor, city dweller or suburbanite. A person does not have to use a substance every day to be considered an addict and they do not always suffer withdrawal symptoms when they stop using either. You may be surprised to hear that many addicted individuals are employed and appear to function normally in their work place and communities.

Addiction is far more than a physical condition. It is a physical health problem as well as having underlying personal issues that must resolved in order to fully be rehabilitated. Attending a drug rehab program such as Narconon Fresh Start’s Sunshine Summit Lodge will help put an end to the cycle of addiction. The long-term residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program provided at Sunshine Summit Lodge has one of the highest success rates in the field of addiction recovery. With a very high success rate, Narconon Fresh Start is so confident of their ability to help addicted individuals conquer their dependence issues that they stand behind their services with a written guarantee.

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