I got a lot out of the sauna program

I got a lot out of my sauna program, I feel better both mentally and physically. My mind is both clearer and more focused. I feel a huge difference in my physical wellbeing and I sleep very well now and have more energy during the day.
J. S.

The Narconon Fresh Start program uses a total body detoxification and purification method known as the New Life Detoxification Program, a.k.a. the sauna. This highly specialized method of detoxification does more than just flush out the client’s residual drug toxins; it effectively eliminates any future physical drug cravings.  After approval by a medical professional, the client begins a protocol of nutritional supplements, supervised exercise and time sweating in the dry sauna. This process lasts several weeks to just over a month and is considered one of the more challenging aspects of the Narconon Fresh Start program. While it is fair to say that the process is physically demanding and can be emotionally draining the results speak for themselves.

“Within just a few days to a week of doing the body cleansing and purification process, the participants have color back in their face, their eyes are brighter, their energy level increases and they are sleeping well at night, waking up the next morning feeling refreshed. The mood swings from anger to depression and general uncomfortability and anxiety levels diminish and many will say they feel more centered and balanced and more themselves again. Many of the participants will say that they have not felt this good, healthy, and alive since some earlier pleasurable time in their life when they were playing sports or other athletic activity. Our staff and counselors will generally see an increased willingness and motivation in the program participant which helps set them up for the next sections of the program dealing with the underlying issues and transgressions. All of the above positive effects are of course side benefits to the real reason and result of the New Life Detoxification Program, which is to eliminate future drug cravings and relapses on drugs or alcohol which is a huge accomplishment.”

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