Why Having Support During and After Drug Rehab is Crucial

While getting treatment for your addiction problem is a necessary step in your recovery process, having a supportive group of friends and family members to help you navigate your new lifestyle, face challenges and handle your unique set of needs and obstacles is critical for maintaining your sobriety. Having support from people who care about your wellbeing during rehab as well as after completing treatment has shown to increase the individual’s health, happiness, desire to stay sober and prevents relapse.

Associating with people who have your best interest at heart is going to help prevent you from falling back into old habits and participating in self-destructive behavior. Spending time with your previous drug using friends and acquaintances puts you in the difficult position of having to refuse use drugs or alcohol. As a newly recovered addict, why make life harder for yourself? Make the choice to wish your past drug or alcohol using buddies a fond farewell and develop new friendships with other people who choose to be drug-free and sober.

For those who have an addict in their life and don’t know what to do to help, showing support for the addicted person and letting them know that you are there and willing to help them get the treatment they need goes a long way. The addicted person may even recognize their addiction problem and become open to the idea of getting treatment now that they know they are not going to be alone during the process. While recovering from addiction is not easy, knowing that they have people willing to stand by their side, who they can turn to for encouragement and guidance can make the journey easier to travel.

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