Ending Addiction the Drug-Free Way

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are entirely drug-free and holistically based. Clients who enter treatment with severe physical addiction issues and require medication during their withdrawal process are taken to medical detox until their withdrawal symptoms have subsided. Once they return to the drug rehab center they will begin Narconon Fresh Start’s drug-free withdrawal program.

This group of drug rehab facilities does not use any form of drug replacement or drug substitution therapy to help their clients end their addiction. It is their belief that helping a person get off drugs only to still remain dependent on a prescription drug is not true rehabilitation. Clients in the Narconon Fresh Start program truly end their dependence on all substances during their time in treatment. They graduate from the program no longer controlled by any addictive substances and in charge of their thoughts, actions and future. They do not attend meetings and no longer think of themselves as addicts because they have fully recovered from their addiction. Having learned all the necessary life skills, intrapersonal skills and relapse prevention techniques and tips they have all they need within themselves to maintain their sobriety.

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