I didn’t know the dangers of prescription drugs

Prescription DrugsBefore Narconon Fresh Start I didn’t realize the many dangers of prescription drugs. I had a prescription in my name so I figured that if I wanted to take another Xanax it wasn’t really a big deal. I would use these prescription drugs to help me come down from the cocaine I was abusing, to help with the “recovery” from my binders and to take the edge off when necessary.

When I came to rehab I thought my only addiction was to the cocaine and marijuana I was using every day. After about a week I realized that I was craving Xanax and other prescription drugs that I regularly abused; that made me stop and think about my total drug use. Turns out that I was not only addicted to cocaine and marijuana but also to the prescription drugs that I was habitually consuming. It had never even crossed my mind that they were even an issue. After completing the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program and having several years of sobriety under my belt I know better than to put blind faith in a prescription drugs.

Download Free Prescription Drug Abuse Brochure

I only take what is absolutely necessary these days and avoid addictive substances. For example, when I had my children I made it clear that I didn’t want any pain medication after their birth and refused to take the prescription for Vicodin home that my doctor had left for me. I didn’t need that kind of temptation in my house. While prescription medications have a place in helping people, their abuse has led to so many deaths and tragedies that I am a strong supporter of being open and frank with today’s youth about their dangers. My children know the dangers of drugs, including prescription drugs and I will continue to reiterate that fact over and over again throughout their life.

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