Treatment Doesn’t Need to be Voluntary to be Effective

Today we know that treatment doesn’t need to be voluntary entered into to be effective. Addicted individuals who are coerced into a drug rehab program either by the legal system or their loved ones can achieve lasting sobriety just as successfully as their counterparts who enrolled into drug rehab voluntarily. In fact, it has been hypothesized that addicted individuals who have been legally mandated to enroll into treatment sometimes do better than those who have come to drug rehab voluntarily. This is because they are more likely to have to remain in treatment longer and complete the program. It has been found that individuals in the criminal justice system who received treatment for their addiction problem commit fewer crimes when they are released.

Whether the individual comes to treatment voluntarily or involuntarily, the key factor in their recovery comes down to remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time. All research conducted on treatment length shows that the threshold of effective rehabilitation takes place around the 90 day mark. While this period of time is considered to be adequate in achieving sobriety, remaining in treatment longer than 90 days has been shown to further solidify the gains made during rehab. The more time an individual has under their belt living day to day as a sober person in treatment before re-entering their daily life, the better. This ensures that they have had the time to learn and put into practice their new found skills at handling life without resorting to substance use.

Programs such as Rainbow Canyon Retreat are skilled at helping addicted persons end their cycle of dependence. Their drug rehab center is shaded by beautiful cottonwood trees and the residential area has a friendly hometown feel. This makes the Rainbow Canyon Retreat location one of the best places in the country to start a new life free of drug and alcohol addiction. Their program is non-traditional and does not utilize group therapy or the 12-step approach. This drug rehab program is considered to be very extensive and uses an alternative holistic approach to addiction recovery. Using their own unique form of cognitive therapy and physical purification, their client’s self-awareness, self-esteem and personal responsibility are built up and improved during their time in treatment. Their treatment approach is based on scientific research of every facet of what has been successful and unsuccessful in the treatment of drug addiction; benefiting their clients with a high success rate at real and lasting recovery.

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