The Many Ways the Sauna Program Changed My Life for the Better

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab sauna program has changed my life for the better; let me tell you about some of the ways:

  • My skin is softer
  • My nails are stronger
  • My mood is a lot mellower
  • I don’t stress hardly ever which is a miracle in itself!
  • My mind is much sharper
  • It taught me how to listen to others
  • It taught me how to act around others
  • I laugh a lot more and I’m much happier
  • I can deal with situations better
  • I can take my time rather than rushing things
  • I take the time to think before I react
  • I have learned to be patient
  • I understand what it means to keep going even if I wanted to quit
  • I have faith in myself now

The New Life Detoxification Program has given me a sense of wellbeing. I’m healthier and stronger (physically) from the exercising in the morning. Most importantly I have accomplished something, something positive and worthwhile for myself. This was a beautiful experience!
L. N.

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