Abuse and Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug AbuseIt is likely that you have heard about the hazards of abusing and becoming addicted to prescription drugs. Unfortunately, even with all the press that prescription drug abuse and addiction has received it continues to be a growing trend. As of 2011, the National Drug Threat Assessment reported that controlled prescription drug abuse was only surpassed in the United States by marijuana abuse. The primary drugs fueling the plague of prescription addiction problems here in America are pain and anxiety medications. Both of these types of medications are potent, highly addictive and extraordinarily unsafe when combined with one another or other substances including alcohol.

What are some of the most common prescription drugs abused?

OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax and Soma are the most common prescription drugs abused. Fentanyl is another prescription narcotic that is being abused by more and more individuals. This medication is a painkiller that comes in a few unique forms; patches and lollipops. One of the primary reasons why this drug is so desirable to prescription drug abusers is because it is said to be 100 times more powerful than morphine.

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Prescription DrugsWhen it comes down to it, in some ways prescription drug abuse is much more dangerous than street drugs because users do not have their guard up. They tend to feel safer taking prescription drugs because they have been prescribed by doctors and handed out at pharmacies across the country. Prescription drug addicts do not have to buy their drugs on the streets; many can find what they need right there in their home medicine cabinet or that of their family or friends.

What is also different between street drugs and prescription drugs is the stigma attached with addiction to this genre of substances. Where illicit street drugs like heroin, meth and cocaine can seem dirty or even low-class, taking a prescription medication is something that almost everyone does at some point in their life. Abusing prescription drugs doesn’t have the same negative associations that illicit street drugs do because these medicines come out of bottles or blister packs making them feel clean and safe to consume.

Download Free Prescription Drug Abuse Brochure

Today, drug rehab is available throughout the country for addiction to prescription drugs. Narconon Fresh Start helps individuals recover from prescription drug addiction and find lasting sobriety. We understand that choosing to get help to stop your addiction problem is one of the most life challenging decisions you might have to make. While the process is not easy, getting off of prescription drugs will lead to a better quality of life and a chance to see your future free from the control that prescription drugs have over you today.

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