I am 11 weeks sober today!

When I first arrived at Sunshine Summit Lodge I never thought I would be able to stay. I figured that I would take it day by day but at some point I would get the overwhelming urge to split and I would take off like I’ve always done from other programs. This time I feel different. I think it is a combination of the staff, the programs philosophy on addiction recovery and the sauna detox program. Without the awesome staff here I would have left within the first few weeks. They have been here for me every step of the way and encouraged me on my worst days to stick it out and keep going.

The fact that I’m not being told I have a disease is helping me view my addiction in a different light. The other rehabs that I’ve been in always told me that I had a life-long disease I would have to learn to live with and manage. I hated thinking of attending meetings for the rest of my life and the prospect of doing so made getting sober that much more overwhelming. Here at Sunshine Summit Lodge they have me working on what drove me personally to use heroin and the other drugs I was addicted to when I arrived. I’m digging deep into myself to discover the areas of my life that need to be addressed so that I can build myself up stronger and no longer need drugs to get escape.

The other thing that is so different here is their detox program. No other center has had such a complete and thorough detoxification program. I hear that by the end of it I’ll no longer suffer physical cravings and will be fully detoxified on a cellular level. My friends who are further along in their programs seem to have really benefited from the detox process. 11 weeks sober and I’m feeling better than I have in years. This program has changed me in so many wonderful ways, I’m grateful to be here getting a “second” chance at sobriety.
G. W.

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