Rainbow Canyon Retreat – Groundbreaking Rehab Technology

Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Nevada is part of Narconon Fresh Start’s group of groundbreaking rehab centers that delivers state of the art treatment. Their program handles both the physical and mental aspects of addiction using alternative rehab methods. All types of drug and alcohol addiction problems can be handled using Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s rehab technology; everything from heroin addiction, alcoholism, prescription drug addiction to marijuana addiction can be recovered from without using drug substitution therapy or drug replacement therapy.

While considered unconventional, Rainbow Canyon Retreat and the other Narconon Fresh Start programs use a holistic approach to recovery and do not operate under the belief that their clients suffer from a “disease”. Instead, when clients arrive at Rainbow Canyon Retreat they are told that they can, and will be fully rehabilitated from their addiction issues. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs help their clients completely recover from their addiction by treating drug and alcohol addiction for what they truly are; a physical and mental problem that must be overcome along with the underlying issues that need to simultaneously be resolved.

One of the cornerstones of the program is their New Life Detoxification Program. This detox program utilizes dry sauna detox therapy to effectively eliminate the drug and alcohol residues stored in the client’s fat cells by accelerating their body’s natural perspiration process. During their time in the New Life Detoxification Program client’s take special vitamin and mineral therapies to detox and replenish deficient nutrients.

Clients become students during their time at Rainbow Canyon Retreat learning life skills. The life skills program is an eight part educational program that restores communication, awareness, understanding, problem solving, responsibility, integrity and honesty. This part of the program gives each participant the tools they need to resolve their addiction problem, regain control of their lives, repair their relationships and accomplish their future goals.

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