Sunshine Summit Lodge – An Innovative Program

Located in Southern California, Sunshine Summit Lodge is considered an innovative program because their drug rehab center handles both the physical and mental aspects of drug and alcohol addiction using alternative, holistic rehabilitation methods. Their rehabilitation methods and treatment philosophy have proven to be much more successful than conventional methods of rehab, with very high percentage of their graduates remaining sober after completing their program.  Sunshine Summit Lodge is part of the Narconon Fresh Start network of drug rehab centers. All Narconon Fresh Start programs are entirely drug-free and do not operate under the belief that addiction is an incurable disease. Their programs, including Sunshine Summit Lodge incorporate methods of building up the program participant’s interpersonal skills and self-confidence. By handling the client’s addiction issue as well as the underlying problems that drove them to use, clients complete drug rehab fully rehabilitated and no longer an addict.

As a residential drug rehab center, Sunshine Summit Lodge provides clients with the distraction free environment necessary during recovery. Their facility offers all the amenities necessary to carry out the program; and also includes a pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, tennis/volleyball/basketball courts, fitness area and walking/jobbing path. While these additional amenities are nice, it is the rigorous physical and mental rehabilitation methods that are responsible for Sunshine Summit Lodge drug rehab program’s high success rate and continued excellence in addiction recovery.

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