Complete Addiction Rehabilitation from Start to Finish

The Narconon Fresh Start program offered at the Fort Collins New Life Center, Lone Star Victory Ranch, Rainbow Canyon Retreat and Sunshine Summit Lodge provide addiction rehabilitation treatment that ends with the program participant being completely rehabilitated. When a graduate of the program leaves the treatment facility they are no longer an addict or alcoholic, they have ended their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, studied and practiced living a sober lifestyle and have all the life skills necessary to remain sober throughout their lifetime.

As one of the most effective drug rehab programs in the country, Narconon Fresh Start provides their clients with more than just the chance to get off the substances they are dependent on. While enrolled at one of their drug rehab centers the program participant breaks their cycle of addiction, repairs past ethical conditions, takes responsibility for themself, learns to be accountable and to live a life filled with integrity.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation program encompasses both recovery from the physical aspect of addiction as well as the psychological aspect. Clients go through the New Life Detoxification program; a dry sauna therapy to help flush out the remaining drug toxins and eliminate future physical cravings. During their time in rehab the program participant will also learn valuable life skills that will help them achieve a better condition in life and improve their quality of living when they return home. These life skills include effective communication, learning to stay in the present moment, learning about social and anti-social personalities, learning how to take responsibility for past/present/future actions, how to change one’s present condition and how to fix past relationships. Additionally, they will learn a common sense moral code to help guide them in making sound choices in their day to day life.

The very last part of the Narconon Fresh Start program is the tailor-made final step. When their course work is complete, their Case Supervisor thoroughly examines their individual case to ensure they have a complete comprehension of the program. Each course has a specific result that the Case Supervisor verifies the student has shown the ability to demonstrate and apply what they have learned in the program. Once a full review of the program and a thorough interview with the would-be program graduate has taken place, a customized plan is given to the client. Their customized plan answers any questions they may have and ties up all loose ends before the program participant graduates. The key of this customized plan is an in-depth strategy for their future. With many years of treatment experience, Narconon Fresh Start staff members know that the chance of relapse is greater if the soon-to-be graduate does not fully develop an in-depth strategy for their future once treatment is complete. Therefore, the Case Supervisor, student and their family develop a battle plan for the future graduate to ensure they will maximize their gains and have the best chance of success.

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