Happy Halloween!

Here’s hoping that you have a happy and safe Halloween = ) While so many people dress up tonight taking on the persona of witches, zombies and ghosts… there are many real life people who feel so disconnected from themselves that they might as well be wearing a costume year around. The individuals I speak of are drug addicts and alcoholics. I know because I used to be one.

When I looked in the mirror years ago during the darkest days of my addiction to cocaine I didn’t even recognize myself any longer; the dark circles under my eyes, the cracked lips and raw and irritated nose were outward signs of my inward problems. I wasted away to 95 pounds, and at 5’5 that’s pretty thin. I was shopping in the juniors section because adult clothes didn’t fit any longer. I’d lost contact with all my non-drug using friends and was feeling so terrible about myself that I was putting myself in very dangerous situations because I just didn’t care anymore.

Now, years later I have over a decade of sobriety behind me and I’m celebrating Halloween with my two boys this evening. I never thought I’d be here; a happy, stable and sober person = ) I credit Narconon Fresh Start with my sobriety. It is because of the time I spent in their drug rehab program that I was able to stop using drugs and develop new ways to handle my stress and anxiety. Their program saved my life and helped me become the person I am today.

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