Objectives have brought me into present time

Objectives have brought me into present time. I was stuck deeply in the events of the past five years and became an out of control drunk. I am over the past now, and I hope my family understands that I am a different person than I was when I got to Lone Star Victory Ranch. Now, I am in control again and I have regained my confidence. By keeping this mind set I will have a great future in store for me.
J. H.

Using drugs or alcohol effects more than the user’s body, it dampens their spirit as well. When a person uses drugs they often become “stuck” in past moments of their life, the feelings this brings up often makes them want to use even more. The cycle continues, the more the person uses the more they become stuck in their past and find facing the present and future difficult and overwhelming.

A person who regularly abuses drugs or alcohol losses their ability to focus on goals and objectives in their life, they also have a diminished ability to communicate effectively. An addicted person will have a hard time focusing, communicating with others and problem solving – these issues result in them being unable to achieve their goals in life.

Narconon Fresh Start uses a series of drills and communication exercises to help their program participants develop their ability to confront difficult life situations that they may find themselves in when they complete drug rehab. The first part of the objective exercises teach the client to have a better understanding of what communication really is and allows them to apply it to their present time situations in life. The second part of the objective course focuses on improving an individual’s present time awareness of what is going on around them, increases their ability to remain focused and complete day to day tasks that they start, as well improving upon their communication skills. The focus of many of these objective exercises is on communication. This is because being able to effectively communicate with those around you helps the recovering client to identify problems in life and how to solve them without the use of drugs or alcohol.

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