Feeling like a winner!

Short day today in course, very chill day! I’m just happy I am living a good sober life and thankful for another day being alive. I’m missing my family but I’ve got to be strong and independent. Feeling like a winner!
S. C.

Recovery from addiction is a long and difficult process. But, once completed has a life changing effect the recovered person could have only dream of before. For many people enrolled in long-term programs being away from loved ones for several months is challenging. However, it is necessary so that the addicted person can focus their attention on their recovery instead of day to day issues that arise back at home.

Because Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are long-term residential treatment programs they are a safe sanctuary away from one’s day to day life; allowing the recovering person the ability to focus solely on their rehabilitation. During a program participant’s time at one of our rehab locations they will go through the entire recovery process, leaving no stone unturned and ensuring that when they return home they have been completely rehabilitated.

Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers do not have to attend meetings or take drug substation therapy to maintain their sobriety when they return home. They have acquired all the necessary relapse prevention and life skills to ensure their ability to make healthy, positive choices in their day to day life so that they remain sober and become a productive member of their family and community.

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