No longer skin and bones!

I feel better than I have in a very long time! When I first started the New Life Detoxification Program I was skin and bones. I had no appetite, no muscle tone and the dark circles under my eyes reminded me of a raccoon. These days I’m feeling like my old self again, the me before I needed drugs to get up in the morning. I’m exercising every day before sauna and feeling my body geting healthier and stronger. I’ve gained a few pounds and I’m starting to look healthy too. The dark circles under my eyes have almost completely gone away and with another week of healthy living and time in the sauna I know I’ll be looking good once again! This program has been amazing and has helped me recover from the inside out. I’m so grateful that I enrolled at Narconon Fresh Start so that I could fully detox and purify myself from the years of substance use that I’ve put my body through.
N. M.

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