Running the streets gets you nowhere

First, I would like to thank the Narconon Fresh Start staff at Lone Star Victory Ranch for letting me come here to complete my program. When I got here I was a hot mess; I had probably only slept 10 hours out of the whole month. The New Life Detoxification sauna program has helped out a lot. PCP and meth have been destroying my life and family for a long time. It’s been a hard fight and I am winning now. I feel real good about what I have gotten out of this program and I feel confident on applying it to my new life. This place saved my life and my relationship with my family. I came to realize that selling drugs and running the streets gets you nowhere. This was a long journey and a hard one at that, I would like to thank John course sup Phil, a good friend Danielle (my little homie) and Lindsay for helping me. I also want to thank Marco and Joseph and Adam for getting me here. Thank you South Texas it has been really nice. I will never forget the people that helped save my life! Proper preparation prevents poor performance, Easzzy!
J. S.

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