Texas Drug Addiction Recovery

Texas Lone Star Victory Ranch is located in Harlingen, TX near the picturesque beaches of the Texas Gulf Coast. It is bordered by lush farmland, providing a tranquil setting for recovery. The Lone Star Victory Ranch drug rehab program is part of Narconon Fresh Start’s team of long-term, residential treatment centers.

Program participants are supervised and have access to staff members around the clock to ensure that their needs are meet. The length of the program varies for each individual because it is determined by their successful completion of the Narconon Fresh Start program steps, rather than a set time period. Generally speaking, most program participants graduate within three to four months.

To maximize the gains made during the program participant’s time in treatment the soon-to-be graduate reviews each step of their program with their case supervisor. They go over the application of their newly acquired life skills and must demonstrate that they fully comprehend each part of the program. The thoroughness of this final program review ensures that graduates of the Texas Lone Star Victory Ranch drug rehab program return home and become productive drug and alcohol free members of their families and communities.

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