Using drugs to get off drugs?

Using doctor prescribed drugs to help with the effects of drug addiction withdrawal and recovery is a very risky method of drug addiction rehabilitation. Often, the user finds they have traded their current addiction for a legal of drug addiction prescribed by their doctor. They are now free from their “drug of choice” but are now dependent on taking the “helper” drug from there on out.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are entirely drug-free and use a combination of holistic therapeutic techniques, a total body purification program, cognitive behavioral modification and educational courses to help their clients fully recover from their addiction.

Their state of the art drug rehab program accomplishes real rehabilitation through the use of their New Life Detoxification program. The detox program removes the physical cravings and compulsions that are caused from the drug residual build up within the body. The Narconon Fresh Start Life Skills courses help achieve the cognitive behavioral modification that is needed to become a happy, drug free, productive member of society.

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