Drug Rehab Treatment

Happy Guy With GroupDrug rehab treatment is when a person with an alcohol or drug addiction problem receives help getting off the substances they are dependent.  Most drug rehab treatment programs are able to help addicts dependent on a variety of substances including cocaine, crack, alcohol, heroin, marijuana, meth, ecstasy, prescription drugs, and the list goes on and on. When an individual enters rehab, they are attending a program that will help them on the road to recovery. Successful programs go beyond simply helping the individual get off the drugs or alcohol they are dependent on, they also addresses the psychological issues that lead to the individual’s drug addiction.

The very first step of recovery from drug addiction is detoxification; also known as drug detox. It is where the drug user stops using the addictive substances they are dependent on and lets their body adjust to learning to function in a drug-free state. For the recovering addict, detox can range from mild to very intense, and at times can even be life threatening; for this reason drug detox should be monitored by a trained professional.

Depending on the type of drug rehab treatment the individual is enrolled in they will they go on to learn how to live a drug-free lifestyle once detox is complete. There are a lot of different types of drug rehab treatment programs available depending on the individual’s needs. Drug addiction rehabilitation ranges from low levels of participation such as outpatient treatment to more intensive types i.e. residential programs. Outpatient drug rehab treatment is where the individual attends meetings and does not change many areas of their day to day life while receiving drug addiction treatment.

The other end of the spectrum would be residential or inpatient treatment. This form of drug rehab treatment is much more intensive for the recovering drug user. The individual stays at the treatment facility while receiving care and is given support and guidance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This form of drug addiction rehabilitation is considered to be the most successful drug rehab method currently available. Individuals who participate in long-term drug rehab are typically those with serious health/medical related issues as a result of their drug use and/or they have attended other types of drug rehabilitation with little to no success.

Narconon Fresh Start is a network of drug rehab treatment programs that address all aspects of their client’s recovery. Their program has a high success rate and is considered a leader in the field of drug-free addiction recovery. When their graduates complete treatment they are no longer addicts, they are fully recovered individuals able to live their lives without turning to drugs or alcohol to solve their problems.

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