The Components of the Narconon Fresh Start Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

In this post we go over the three key components of the Narconon Fresh Start drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

September 22, 2014

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation program consists of several key components that strengthen and build up the recovering individual’s ability to live a clean and sober life. The first component of the program is the drug-free withdrawal (except in cases where only a medically-assisted withdrawal is possible). When the program participant enrolls in the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program they are given a pre-medical evaluation to ensure their withdrawal needs are safely and comfortably met. During this process they receive 24-hour care to make the withdrawal process as pain free as possible. Program participants who require medically supervised detox will complete this at an alternate facility, and once released will continue with their drug free withdrawal process at the Narconon Fresh Start rehab center. Every program participant undergoes Narconon Fresh Start’s drug free withdrawal program to ensure their physical and emotional needs are met before proceeding with the next portion of the program.

The next phase of the curriculum is the New Life Detoxification Program. This course address the lingering toxic drug metabolites left behind in the user’s fatty tissue by substance abuse. If not removed, these drug metabolites can cause drug cravings, depression and a number of other physical and emotional stressors when they are released into the bloodstream. Through a specific process the program participant is able to flush these toxic drug metabolites from their system. The result is significantly reduced drug cravings, and in many cases no cravings for drugs what so ever. The New Life Detoxification Program focuses on supervised exercise, nutritional supplements and monitored time sweating in a dry sauna to aid in the removal of the stored drug metabolites. This phase of the Narconon Fresh Start program is vital in the rehabilitation process and eradicating future substance use.

The third component of the program is the Life Skills Courses. This is where program participants learn to overcome their addiction and solve life’s problems without resorting to drugs or alcohol. Program participants become students during their time at Narconon Fresh Start as they learn interpersonal skills, problem solving, self-respect and integrity. The program is designed so that graduates become fully rehabilitated during their time at Narconon Fresh Start and no further “treatment” for addiction is necessary after they graduate. With one of the highest success rates in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, Narconon Fresh Start helps their graduates achieve lasting sobriety.


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