Narconon Fresh Start Can Help

Recovery from DrugsIf someone has reached a crisis point in regards to substance abuse and needs help you really want to make sure you are giving them the most effective help available. It is also important for family and friends of someone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t have to reach a crisis point to get this help. Many people are far more receptive to help long before what would be considered “rock bottom”. And if they do get help in the earlier stages of their addiction the outcomes are much better in many cases because they have avoided so many of the consequences they would have experienced had their addiction been allowed to progress without intervention. So there is really no bad time to try and help someone with drug abuse, and no matter how slight or advanced the problem is Narconon Fresh Start is a quality treatment option that has helped thousands of people get their lives back and overcome addiction for good.

How do we accomplish this and why do we boast among the highest long-term success rates in the field of drug rehabilitation? First of all, we don’t provide anything less than what we have experienced to be necessary in terms of length and intensity of treatment. So Narconon Fresh Start facilities are all residential facilities where clients are obligated to remain until they graduate our program. This is a crucial aspect of the treatment process that makes Narconon Fresh Start a leading rehab program in terms of success rates, and we don’t negotiate this point. In fact we actually encourage our clients and their families to put as much distance between themselves and their normal environment as possible for as long as necessary so that they are better able to focus on their rehab process, so a Narconon Fresh Start facility in another state is actually the best idea for our clients. It puts separation between them and drug using associates and resources and also lessens the chance of prematurely leaving rehab.

The Narconon Fresh Start program is a long-term program, so clients should prepare themselves for a much lengthier stay than they may have experienced in the past or had anticipated if this is their first time in rehab. Studies show from decades of information regarding drug rehabilitation that 90-120 days is the ideal timeframe to remain in drug rehab, and some Narconon Fresh Start clients remain even longer at times at no extra charge. Within the first few weeks of treatment Narconon Fresh Start clients are overcoming acute physical and psychological challenges associated with recently abstaining from drugs and/or alcohol and are put through our extensive detoxification process which ensures all residual drugs are eliminated from their bodies. It can then take several more weeks and months in some cases to find the associations between the things in their lives that aren’t ideal and how this relates to their substance abuse. Resolving these issues while also adapting new lifestyle techniques which can help clients be better able to cope with life’s problems without turning to drugs is the focus of our program and one which sets them up for a real fresh start when the leave the Narconon program.

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