My Graduation from Narconon Fresh Start

I had a normal life before drugs. I had the love of my family and close friends, but as I got older we moved around a lot. That made it difficult to make friends as I got older and I never seemed to fit in at any of the schools I attended. At 15 I started smoking pot and drinking to avoid the negative feelings I was struggling with. My drug use eventually progressed to harder drugs like pills and ecstasy. Being surrounded by drug users I was introduced to meth and it was as if I had found the missing piece of the puzzle. Meth became my drug of choice almost immediately and as my addiction progressed it felt like I was a slave to my addiction. There was nothing bright in my future and I truly wanted to stop using. I just couldn’t give it up.

Before Narconon Fresh Start I had been in and out of six other rehab programs. They ranged from inpatient, outpatient, state funded to private. The one thing all these other programs had in common was that they were based on the 12-step model of recovery. The disease concept of addiction just didn’t make sense to me and I struggled to find a way to apply those programs philosophy to my life when I didn’t believe that I had a disease. When I would enter the other drug rehab programs they would set out to diagnose me and begin putting me on antidepressants and other medications. This never addressed the real root of my addiction problem and left me feeling hopeless that I would ever achieve real sobriety.

Enrolling in Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab was entirely different. The atmosphere was welcoming, uplifting and so different than any other program I’d ever attended. They didn’t put me on prescription medications, which was such a relief. During my withdrawal I felt sad and found myself wanting to dwell in the past. The staff members were so kind and kept me from remaining stuck in my head by talking with me and helping me look outside myself to what was presently is going on around me. These exercises, and the ones I latter practiced in the course room helped me to look at my life objectively. I’ve been able to take responsibility for my past which has been a very important part of my recovery from meth. I have gained a sense of control over my life and my future, something that I never had before. Now I can handle life using the skills and tools I learned at Narconon Fresh Start and no longer play the victim in my life.

A.P. Narconon Fresh Start Review
Sunshine Summit Lodge Graduate 2013

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