Drug Restimulation is a Leading Factor in Relapse

When drug metabolites are released back into an individual’s blood stream they can suffer from drug restimulation, a leading factor of relapse.

In this post we are going to go over one of the primary causes of relapse: physical cravings for drugs or alcohol. When an individual takes drugs or alcohol in excess for an extended period of time their body becomes physically reliant on the substance and they develop a psychological dependence as well. When the addicted individual stops using, they develop negative effects known as withdrawal symptoms. The initial stage of the withdrawal process is known as “active withdrawals”. This phase of the withdrawal process is what most addicted individuals are familiar with; the feelings of sickness, severe flu like symptoms, increased anxiety, problems sleeping, mood swings, etc. While most people are under the impression that they have detoxed once these initial withdrawal symptoms have subsided; the truth is there are often inactive or suppressed withdrawal symptoms that last several weeks or even months after the active withdrawal period is over.  

The second stage of withdrawal is often overlooked and not easily recognized. This inactive withdrawal period can produce drug using thoughts and cravings in the recovering individual that can lead them to relapse. Narconon Fresh Start addresses both stages of the withdrawal process using their innovative detoxification method. This unique detox and purification method effectively flushes the accumulated toxins (drug metabolites) from the client’s fat cells in their body. If the accumulated toxins are not removed, they can be released back into the individual’s body long after they are no longer active in their blood stream. This process takes place when very small drug particles are released on a cellular level when the individual’s fat cells are used for expending energy during physical activity or times of stress. The release of these drug metabolites can bring about drug cravings and the compulsion to use again. Individuals who have experienced this phenomenon have stated that it is as though they can taste or smell the drug, even thought they have not used. 

At Narconon Fresh Start, we call this drug restimulation. When this happens, the recovering individual is prone to relapse due to the cravings and compulsion to use they are experiencing. A key element of the drug rehab program is the removal of these drug toxins. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start no longer suffer physical drug cravings or compulsions to use because of the New Life Detoxification Program that is incorporated into the recovery process. Also known as the sauna detoxification program, this process effectively flushes out the remaining drug metabolites and puts an end to the inactive withdrawal period.



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