Pump-It Powder

Pump It Powder Synthetic DrugPump-It powder is a synthetic drug that is sold over the internet and widely available in gas stations and novelty stores.

As the demand for substances that alter the user’s senses continues to escalate, a new drug has found a place in the synthetic drug market. Pump-It powder is the new synthetic drug created from “enhanced plant vitamin” that gets its name from the stimulating effects it creates in the user. Thought to contain Geranamine, also known as methylhexanamine, a dated amphetamine-related stimulant and decongestant that is found naturally in the geranium plant. Currently, methylhexanamine is a legal substance and is not scheduled by the Drug Enforcement Agency. There are not been many studies done on methylhexanamine since it was patented in 1944. Methylhexanamine is known to be a key component in many energy drinks and aphrodisiac mixtures. While many users of Pump-It powder report that the effects of the substance are similar to methylhexanamine, they also note that the drugs effects are similar to pre-ban bath salts containing methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV is a psychoactive recreational drug with stimulant properties). Because Pump-It powder and other synthetic drugs are manufactured using secret formulas, it remains unclear what is actually in the final product that is sold to the general public.

Recently, emergency rooms have been seeing Pump-It powder user’s being admitted for care due to seizures, hallucinations and paranoia. User’s of this substance report that the effects are similar to, but more intense than cocaine and meth. Currently, Pump-It powder use seems to be primarily in the Midwest and plain states. It appears this drug has not gained popularity on the Pacific Coast, as of yet. Obtaining this drug is relatively easy as it can be purchased over the internet, in gas stations and novelty stores. Users of Pump-It powder administer the drug by snorting it, injecting it or smoking it. Because its effects are somewhat time delayed, users often misjudge when the effects of the drug will come on and wind up taking double or even triple the dose. These higher doses lead to intensified effects and are often the reason behind user’s needing medical treatment. On average, a typical dose of Pump-It powder will create effects in the user for 4-6 hours, but there are users who have claimed the drug’s effects lasted 12 hours or longer. The duration of the effects from Pump-It powder appear to be determined by how much of the substance the user’s ingests.

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