Recovery in a Peaceful Setting at Rainbow Canyon Retreat

Rainbow Canyon Retreat is located in a peaceful setting where recovery can take place.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment doesn’t mean having to be locked away to undergo rehabilitation. At Rainbow Canyon Retreat, recovery takes place is a peaceful setting where program participant’s come to feel right at home. Formerly a dude ranch, Rainbow Canyon Retreat located in Nevada remains an active cattle and horse grazing property where clients can find solace and peace of mind during their recovery process. Often described as “warm and homey”, Rainbow Canyon Retreat is much different than the sterile environment of many other drug rehab programs. Consisting of several buildings, common areas and a main log cabin style house where program participants come to gather together for meals and free time activities. Our drug rehab center provides the balance between structure and comfort to allow our clients to feel at ease during their stay.

While a great deal of the client’s time is focused on their recovery, there are many enjoyable activities to participant in during free time. At the main cabin program participants can enjoy meals together, relax, play cards, play games, and watch movies. The grounds also have a number of outdoor activity locations such as volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, swimming and softball. Residing in a residential drug rehab program provides recovering individuals with comradery and a group dynamic. Years of research on addiction recovery has shown that these elements are a key part to providing a successful rehabilitation environment.

The time and energy one invests in their recovery while attending Rainbow Canyon Retreat will benefit them throughout the rest of their life. Not only are they addressing their addiction problem during their time in our program, they are gaining life skills that will help guide them in making positive, productive and healthy choices in their future. Through the Rainbow Canyon Retreat alcohol and drug rehab program graduates learn how to handle life substance-free, critical life skills to remain clean and sober, relapse prevention tools and how to set and achieve personal goals for their future.

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