Drugged Driving

Drugged DrivingDrugged drivers are a serious public safety and health threat that must be addressed.

Over the past several decades there has been an increased focus on drunk driving and the many dangerous associated with it. There is an additional issue that is just as serious but has often been overlooked by many, drugged driving. Driving while under the influence of drugs is a significant public health and safety threat that must be brought to light. In a recent study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse it was found that driving after ingesting marijuana surpassed drunk driving among college students and high school seniors. The study showed that among college students, one in three marijuana users drove after using the drug and approximately one in two rode with a driver who had been using marijuana. High school senior statistics showed that one in eight drove after using marijuana and one in five rode with a driver who had used the drug. Statistics reveal that seven percent of college students drove after drinking while thirty-one percent drove after using marijuana. Additional studies on the topic of drugged driving show that up to thirty-three percent of fatally injured drivers during 2009 with known drug test results came up positive for drugs other than alcohol.

This topic has garnered some attention recently and the Institute for Behavioral Health’s White Paper on Drugged Driving has released a number of recommendations. Their recommendations include:

  • an evaluation and improvement of impaired driving laws
  • evaluation and improvement of drugged driving data collection
  • improvement in drugged driving education
  • identification and evaluation of promising models for drugged driver identification
  • creation of standardized drugged driver testing
  • more drug impairment and behavioral research
  • more related drug treatment research

As a leader in the field of addiction recovery and prevention programs, Narconon Fresh Start is spreading the word about this dangerous public health and safety issue. It is our hope that by increasing awareness of the numerous dangers associated with drugged driving we can prevent future auto accident fatalities. With increased emphasis on drugged driving through education and a change in impaired driving laws our nation can work to decrease the number of fatalities caused by drugged driving.

Call a Narconon drug rehab specialist if you or someone you love needs help with drug abuse.


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