Narconon Fresh Start is an All-Inclusive Drug Rehab Program

As an all-inclusive drug rehab program clients only need to bring their clothing, personal hygiene products and perhaps their music and reading material to the rehab center; everything else is provided for them in their admission fee.

Narconon Fresh Start LogoThe Narconon Fresh Start drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is an all-inclusive addiction treatment facility. There are some additional personal items that are not included in the admission fee and they are the responsibility of the client. During the program participant’s time in our drug rehab we provide three healthy delicious meals per day as well as snacks during breaks. Program participants are supplied with vitamins, bed linens, bath towels, laundry detergent and access to television and movies. When you arrive you should bring your clothes and personal hygiene products. Additionally, program participants can bring a portable music player, books and other such items. We ask that you leave valuables and larger scale items at home as they are not needed during your time in recovery. A physical examination and TB test are included in your admission fee to determine your overall health and ability to participate in the New Life Detoxification Program (our dry sauna therapy). All the rehabilitation services (books, learning materials, etc.) delivered by Narconon Fresh Start are covered by your admission fee and included during your stay at the treatment center.

“Arriving at Narconon Fresh Start’s Sunshine Summit Lodge I found that I had everything I needed at my disposal. I brought a few of my favorite books and magazines as well as my mp3 player to use during sauna and at free time. The food here is actually really good! Now that I have my appetite back its nice to be able to enjoy a healthy meal that isn’t fast food. Their facility is well stocked and if I find I need something I didn’t bring with me the staff is always willing to work with me to find a way to get ahold of the item. A lot of the time it doesn’t feel like I’m in rehab, but rather college. The grounds are really nice and I’ve been enjoying the fresh air and walking paths. Out of all the places I considered enrolling in, I know that this is the right place for me.”
M. T.
Narconon Fresh Start Review 2015


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