Predictions about Legalizing Recreational Use of Marijuana

In a recent report, it is estimated that 18 new states may choose to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the next 5 years.

Marijuana PrescriptionA recent report from a national market research firm predicts that as many as 18 additional states may legalize recreational marijuana markets within the next five years. If this prediction is right, that would potentially make recreational marijuana legal in thirty-six percent of the United States. The legal recreational cannabis industry is just getting off the ground in many states where marijuana has been legalized.

While this is only a prediction, the idea of legal recreational use of marijuana has many worried. Currently a schedule I drug, marijuana is known to have the potential for abuse and addiction problems. In past years, many states have chosen to legalize the medicinal use of THC and synthetic cannabinoids. These changes in medicinal marijuana reform laws are intended to treat patients going though chemotherapy, struggling with HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer pain, and glaucoma.

As of January 2014, marijuana is the most widely abused illicit substance in the United States. Marijuana abuse and addiction statistics continue to clime. Forty-seven percent of Americans say that they have tried marijuana at some point in their lifetime, and eleven percent in the past year (2012). As American’s attitudes and perception about legalizing marijuana continue to shift there is a strong belief that in the long run this substance will legalized. While today there is only a slim majority, fifty-two percent of Americans agreeing that the drug should be made legal, this percentage is predicted to increase as more states choose to reform their laws on marijuana.

The debate continues, but the facts on this drug have not changed. Marijuana is known to have a potential for abuse and addiction. Many individuals in drug rehab programs across the country site marijuana as their primary reason for enrolling in treatment. Those who enroll due to other substance addictions note that they have either used marijuana in the past or were concurrently using marijuana with other drugs.

Daily marijuana users develop the same respiratory problems as cigarette smokers including daily cough and phlegm, symptoms of chronic bronchitis and frequent chest colds. They are also more likely to develop lung injections such as pneumonia. Additionally, daily marijuana smokers are exposing themselves to cancer-causing chemicals – the very same that are found in cigarette smoke. The side effects of habitual marijuana use can affect the user’s brain function. Their ability to complete complex tasks becomes compromised as well as diminishing their determination to pursue academics, careers and other life goals. Studies have shown that long-term use of marijuana can affect the user’s mental health. Habitual users are at an increased risk of developing psychosis and delusions. The odds of suffering from mental health issues brought on by regular marijuana use increases exponentially if the individual carries a genetic vulnerability to such mental health issues.

At Narconon Fresh Start it is our hope that the nation takes an in-depth look at the many consequences of marijuana use and the potential problems that will be generated by legalizing the recreational use of this drug. Known as a gateway to harder drugs, marijuana is not a benign substance. After helping thousands of individuals end their marijuana addiction problems we understand the devastation this Schedule I drug can have on the addicted individual and those who love and care about them.

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