A New Life with a Fresh Start!

narconon-fresh-start-review-brittanyI am successfully 74 days clean and sober today. The program overall has helped me in so many ways. I now have the confidence to go home and be the best mom I can be to my son. I am thankful for every good and bad day I have had here at Narconon because no matter what circumstances may arise in the free world I know I can conquer and overcome anything. Each step of the program has taught me that I can start and complete anything I set my mind to. The people and staff have been the biggest help and the thing I will miss most! There were many things I did not want to confront, but I did and it made me feel better afterwards and I’m super grateful. I have met some of the most amazing people here and I am sad to go but can’t leave fast enough to get home to my new life, my son, my family and my FRESH START!

~Brittany R.~