Learning How To Remove Obstacles

Narconon Fresh Start Success StoryThe Changing Conditions in Life course, to put it simply, helps students turn a negative situation into a positive situation. Students learn specific steps that can help make improvements to any area or situation in their life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Changing Conditions in Life portion of my program. I got to learn about how a person can look at any area of his or her life and apply a condition to it or a state of being. I really liked how this book showed me a way to have (in a sense), checks and balances in my life. Also, I found it very interesting that there are fool-proof ways to work steps needed to change your condition for the better. There was a lot of great information in this book that I found to be tremendously applicable to my life. I feel that this book is a great way to capstone the program, being that we learn the tools necessary to handle life’s intricacies and this book shows us how to use those tools to remove obstacles and climb to a higher level of survival.

~ Blake B. ~


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