Prepared to Live a Drug-Free Life

Living Drug Free | Narconon Fresh Start Success StoryA Narconon Fresh Start graduate shares his success and experience throughout the program.

Today I completed the Narconon program. When I first came up to the lodge from withdraw I had a very bad attitude towards the program. I did not want to be here and didn’t think the program would help me. I started sauna and at first my attitude got worse. About halfway through I started to feel a lot better and realized that it was helping me a lot. The cravings for drugs were gone and I had a lot more energy. I completed sauna and started the objectives course. Once again I thought they were pointless, but as time went on I realized that they really were making me more aware of my environment and bringing me into present time. I got through them and went on to complete the Ups and Downs book, the Personal Values book and the Changing Conditions book. I feel like a new person now that I have completed the program and now I feel prepared to live a drug free life.

~ Caleb G. ~