I’m In Control of My Life

The feelings of guilt and shame can keep a person trapped in their drug addiction. It is one of the factors that drive a person to keep using over and over. They are able to escape these feelings and find relief and a false sense of happiness by getting high. 

The Narconon Fresh Start program addresses this factor by helping an individual examine and take responsibility for all of the harmful acts that he or she committed. This is done on the Personal Values course in the Life Skills portion of the program. Not only do individuals find true relief and happiness from their guilt and shame, but they regain their integrity and self worth and develop a set of personal morals to live by which helps them continue to stay in control of their life doing what is morally right.

Narconon Fresh Start Success Story

Getting In Control at Narconon Fresh Start
It felt good to get out all the things I’ve been holding onto for so many years. Deep secrets that perpetuated a violent, self-induced affliction that had plagued my life and my loved ones for so many years. Life is good and I never have to be a slave again. I’m in control of my life. Point blank period.

– Chad R.