Getting Rid of the Drug Toxins

Getting Rid of Drug ToxinsThe Narconon Fresh Start program helps individuals to get the drug toxins out of their body so that they can think more clear and feel better physically. Here’s a success story from one of our students. 

Wow, I really can’t even begin to rationalize my actions of the past 3 years of my life. Drugs and alcohol really transformed me into a degenerate. My mother didn’t raise me to be this way. I am ashamed of the things I’ve done, but proud that I actually found the strength to change. The Rainbow Canyon Retreat program is the key factor responsible for the change I’ve gone through. I can finally see myself again. I’m no longer dreading my reflection in the mirror. I still don’t know what was uglier, my actual face or my personality while I was high. I’m just so glad to be rid of all the toxins that I had stored in my body.

– J.V.