Narconon Fresh Start Gave Me My Life Back

Narconon Fresh Start Gave Me My Life BackThroughout my program here at Narconon Fresh Start, there have been many ups and downs. Looking back at everything, I could not be more pleased with how much this place has given back to me. I came as a broken and lost individual. Narconon Fresh Start gave me my life back. I started out with my drug withdrawal stage which was tough, but luckily the staff helped me through the hard times. With the completion of the sauna drug detox program, I legitimately got a Fresh Start. I could sleep again, eat, have normal bodily functions and most importantly smile again. I was ready and able to work on my mind when I got into the training drills. I started to see the essential life skills being taught. Objectives helped me to be comfortable again and gain control. I learned communication and how to be present and became more aware and I realized how important these skills are. I liked sauna the most for my body and the life skills helped my mind the most. I used to have trouble with dwelling on the past. Narconon Fresh Start helped me overcome that weakness. I am grateful that I was able to learn about the social and anti-social personalities, and how to get over past transgressions in a structured way and acknowledge the different conditions of my life along with how to improve the different areas of my life. I owe Narconon Fresh Start and the staff and all the friendly faces I met along the way a big thanks. I would still be lost without the help of this place. I am forever grateful to Narconon Fresh Start for giving me my life back.

– Blake

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Finally Clean and Healthy

I can think clearly and my body is finally clean and healthy. The people and staff around me have helped me so much. I can’t thank everybody enough for all the support. I’ve gained a lot from this program. Their is not enough words in the vocabulary to explain. Thank you staff.

– Tory

Giving Me Patience

I am glad that I came to Narconon Fresh Start. I needed the extra help to get me sober. It also helped me in ways I didn’t think about before. It brought me to present time and gave me the patience to do the tasks asked of me. At first I didn’t think confronting the things in my past would help me, but after doing it I felt better and could accept what I have done.

– Darrel