Fresh, Positive, Happy Outlook

Fresh Positive Happy OutlookI now have a great, fresh, happy, positive outlook. I have cut ties with the negative people and have a better understanding of who I want to be in my life. Narconon Fresh Start helped me learn how to go about working on myself and all the areas of my life. I have had a lot of buildup in my life throughout the years and was able to be upfront and honest with myself. I also learned how much I have been missing out on by being stuck in the past and am now expecting more out of my future. I know now how to make the most out of life and focus on the present so my future will be positive and drug-free. I realized how much I have affected people and myself when I thought everything was alright. I was so wrong as much as I hate to say it with all my complaining. I think I have gotten a lot out of this program. Looking around and seeing a bunch of strangers going through the most uncomfortable part of their lives and getting along and working together is something I will never forget. I am nervous, but very positive that I have the tools to achieve my goals and prosper in my life. I realize now how much work goes into the present time and how much energy I was using in the past. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start and all the staff for putting up with me and my bad attitude. I am so proud and happy I completed this program. I learned more than I thought I would.

– Christine R.

More Success Stories

Feeling More Comfortable

When I arrived at Narconon Fresh Start I felt like a fish out of water. About 2 or 3 days later I felt completely different about the situation. I had made several friends, learned the daily routine and felt comfortable. I am very lucky to have the roommates/friends that I have. I don’t even count the days.

– Michael T.

Having Self-Realizations

My success for the day is completing the Ups and Downs book, anti-social and social behavior. I continue to have realizations about myself and others as I go through this program. Right now I am on analyzing personalities in my life. I have completed them all up through the checkoff of adding up anti-social and social behaviors. I am about to go back and write down my thoughts about each person and his or her characteristics.

– Donna V.