I Intend to use Everything I’ve Learned to Maintain my Sobriety

Maintaining Sobriety After Narconon Fresh Start“I have learned so much in a few short weeks here at Narconon Fresh Start. I just completed a course here and I’ve gained so much out of it. I feel so better prepared to take on life. I understand what I am learning here and I intend to use everything I’ve learned in order to maintain my sobriety. I can already see a huge change in myself and how I perceive things. I’m looking forward to my future. It is my birthday today and for the first time in years I am sober!”

– N.L.

More Success Stories

I will Never Forget this Program and What it has Done for Me.

“I have never been to a program like this before. I wanted to come here, but I was a little bit nervous. After being helped with my drug and eating habits, I saw the program in a different light. I will never forget this program and what it has done for me. I will refer it to everyone I know. I had a good time actually. Doing the first part of the program was easier than I thought and much more rewarding. I will never forget the help, support and encouragement that I received here at Narconon fresh Start. Thank you.”
– J.H.

Narconon Fresh Start has Helped me Take Responsibility

“This program at Narconon Fresh Start has helped me take responsibility for my actions. I was destructive and irresponsible. I caused some serious damage to my wife and kids. I can make sure that those things do not happen again. I know what it means to be an ethical person and what happens if you are not. My inability to control myself led me to lose many things that I loved. At least now I can start fresh and make amends to the best of my ability. This program has given me this chance.”

– T.V.

Maturing in the Right Way

“Before I came to Narconon Fresh Start, I had the worst temper. I hated control; I hated authority. I even hated having people tell me what I could and couldn’t do. I know I couldn’t even control myself. The courses here are helping me learn how to control myself and to not freak out and explode when I get angry. Now, I try to communicate about what is bothering me before reacting. I’m watching myself mature in the right way and it feels great.!”

– K.J.