Narconon Fresh Start Drug Detoxification Success Stories

The Smaller things in My Life MatterThe Smaller things in my Life Matter

Now that I have completed the sauna drug detox, I now understand what the sauna was meant to do. At first I didn’t believe in it. But as I continued on, I gradually realized the benefits. First I started to get back my natural energy, something I haven’t had in a while. Second, I started to realize the smaller things in my life matter. I found myself enjoying things I would have not have noticed or enjoyed before. Thirdly, I became more relaxed while in sauna. Being in one spot would have normally driven me crazy, but not anymore. Lastly, I now feel like all the toxins have left my system and I’m ready to move on to the life skills courses.

– PK

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Coming Back to Life

I am 13 days in sauna. I’m sleeping 8 hours. Everyone keeps saying that I look so different from when I came in the program. I have color in my face. I basically came back to life! It feels great!

– AG

Feeling Much Healthier

Now that I am finished with sauna, I feel much, much healthier and aware and I feel that I can concentrate better while doing objectives. I also feel that the objectives are already helping me and my twin to recover from the effects of using drugs and alcohol.

– VS

Feeling Great!

I have been impatient as long as I can remember (27-28 years) and have battled inner demons for that long. I won some and lost some! One of the battles I lost again and again is patience. I quit when things got tough. Completing the sauna and sitting still for 30 days is a miracle and it feels great!

– MJ

Reflecting on Personality Traits

Sauna has been a great experience so far. Beyond the effects of cleansing my physical body, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my personality traits and decide which ones I like and which ones I’d like to change.

– ME

Sleeping Good

I had trouble sleeping and staying asleep. Since day 3 of sauna, I have been sleeping 8 hours straight. My focus is coming back and I feel healthy.

– KM

Feeling Awesome

It’s been a while since I’ve exercised, ate healthy and got good sleep. I feel great. Sauna is really helping me. I feel awesome.

– CS