Narconon Fresh Start Life Skills Success Stories

Success stories from Narconon Fresh Start students who share what they personally got out of some of the life skills courses.

New Amazing Self

Happy and Proud to See Myself in a New, Amazing Way

I have started to confront a lot of issues I’ve had with myself and my image of myself that caused me to use drugs in the past. It has helped me to become so much more comfortable and confident in my own skin. I am about halfway through and have had so many gains in my program. I am happy and proud to see myself in such a new amazing way and who I am again. This program really does amazing things if you let it.

– C.E.

My Chance to Live is Now

I am proud I entered such a personally focused program and have had exceptional role models to help me along with my insecurities. This has enabled me to relax more in my environment and has helped me to realize I can overcome thinking things out way too far in advance. My chance to live is now. Not my usual principle of postponing success and happiness, but realizing it is happening now.

– L.W.

Focused on Me

I feel like I am absolutely in present time and am no longer in my head. I have had a rough year and now I am totally focused on me. Objectives has helped me do that. My twin is awesome and we help each other get through anything we have/need to, both inside and outside of objectives.

– A.M.

Keeping a Positive Attitude

I have been clean for over a month now, which is the longest amount of clean time I have had in years. I wanted to leave so bad when I first got here, but I’ve learned to accept the situation and keep a positive attitude. I can truly tell the difference in my thinking and actions and I know it will only get better as I continue the program.

– F.M.

Communicating Better

I have dramatically improved my patience, teamwork and self-awareness. It’s easier for me to deal with being in situations that may not be ideal, while focusing on what I’m doing instead of what has happened in the past or could happen in the future. I’m better able to communicate with others, and am confident the proper message is getting across. I am sure that the further I get in the program, the more benefits I will get out of it.

– F.M.

Being Comfortable and Having Control

I have many wins. I have realized that I can be comfortable in many situations that I thought were difficult. I have also learned to be more aware of my environment. My communication with others has increased greatly. Communication is not just verbally, but non-verbally as well. I learned that I have control over my body and my actions. I also learned that I can control more things than I thought I could.

– P.K.

Seeing a Bright and Amazing Future

This part of the program has helped me in a lot of ways. Most of all it has helped me get away from my ugly past and into what is happening right here and now. It is giving me the ability to see a bright and amazing future. I am becoming more in touch with myself and all my abilities and all of the things I am capable of. I am proud of myself and a lot happier with myself. This part of the program really does help.

– C.J.

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