Recovery Happens at Narconon Fresh Start

Narconon Fresh Start specializes in true rehabilitation and recovery.  We understand that treating addiction is not something that happens overnight.  Treating the addict and the addiction itself requires an in depth look at the underlying issues that caused the addict to use drugs or alcohol in the first place.  Addicts may try drugs under peer pressure or to fit in with others and then will continue using drugs to cope with pain, emotions and stressful situations that arise. This can then turn into an addiction that is hard to overcome without the proper help.

The Narconon Fresh Start life skills courses help individuals see what lead them to start using drugs in the first place and to examine and confront areas of their life that was impacted from their addiction so that they can repair the damage. They develop self morals and values and learn to take control of their life so that they can live a more stable, happier and successful life without the use of drugs.

Success Stories from Students on the Narconon Fresh Start Life Skills Courses

Moving on to Next Step in Life after RecoveryReady to Move on to the Next Step in Life

Narconon Fresh Start has been a great experience for me. It helped me get back on track and has motivated me to go in the right direction. I have overcame a lot of my problems that I was experiencing while I was out in the real world which I ended up using drugs over. Objectives helped me stay in present time and get me out of my negative past. Learning the social and anti-social personalities helped me choose who I still want to be around. Writing OW’s helped me get relief from all the negative things I’ve experienced and done. I can not thank the staff enough for picking me up and helping me stay positive. I am a lot happier now and feel I’m ready to move on to the next step in my life.

– L.T.

Forever Grateful

I truly feel like Narconon Fresh Start is a life saver. They are totally dedicated without financial gain to help assist and apply all of their trials and tribulations, gains and strengths to making students better themselves in any shape or form. I am forever grateful and appreciate each and every staff member involved in this remarkable program. Please don’t change the way you run this efficient, one of a kind program. Thank you for turning a frown into a lifetime of smiles. To the rehabilitation center with the biggest heart life has ever seen. Thank you.

– M.S.

Recognizing Drug Use Patterns

Today I had some success. I was able to recognize continual patterns in my drug use. I will use this knowledge as I continue through life. This will help me realize where things went wrong for me. I’m learning a lot about the bad choices I made over my lifetime. I will learn from my mistakes. Hopefully to never repeat them again.

– P.K.

I have all the Tools I Need to Live a Healthy Drug-Free Life

I never thought I would honestly seek myself finishing the program. After I started to really get into the sauna and Objectives I noticed my sleep increased. Objectives really helped me to see things in present time and not in the past. I am clear minded and aware of my surroundings. Then I got into Ups and Downs and really seen where I was in life with the anti-social and social characteristics. It really helped me to see who was good and bad in my life. OW’s really benefited me the most to actually put everything bad I’ve done on paper. It helped me to be honest with myself and just get everything out there. I feel so much better with myself after getting it all out and being truthful. Changing Conditions definitely helped me to see where I was in the area of life. I can’t thank this program enough for all its done for me. I have all the tools I need to live a healthy drug-free life. Thank you again.

– T.A.

Even when things are going Wrong, I’m able to Handle it with Patience and Grace

Today I feel great. I am currently on the Personal Values course. These past few days I’ve had a lot of gains. I feel like I’m growing stronger, happier and healthier everyday. Even when things are going wrong in my life, I’m able to handle it with patience and grace. It makes me so much stronger and I move on with my life happier and confident.

– C.S.

I Feel Great Relief

I have had some wins while doing OW’s. I am able to confront many things I have done in my past. It has helped me to air out my mistakes. I feel great relief in doing this. Although tough and challenging at times, I look forward to getting more things off my chest.

– P.K.

Getting Honest

After finishing Ups and Downs, I was able to get honest with myself and the people who are the closest to me in my life. I originally thought the letters to my family and boyfriend were going to be difficult for me, but the letters actually came easy to me. I felt so much better afterwards. Now I am grateful to being able to do the Personal Values course on this part of the program. This is also showing me how to get honest with myself by writing down all my wrong doings in the past.

– A.G.

Personal Values Course has Helped me to be a Better Person

I am currently on OW’s. I feel that writing down what I have been holding onto and stressing about has helped me greatly. I am not feeling so bad about the bad things I have done and the Personal Values course has helped me to be a better person.

– V.S.

Find out more about how the Narconon Fresh Start life skills courses can help you or your loved one learn how to live a happier and successful life without having to turn to drugs.

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