Advice to Parents about Looking for Drug Rehab

Diana’s son overcame his heroin addiction at Narconon Fresh Start. He has been clean and sober since 2010.

We asked Diana in a video interview what kind of advice she would give to parents if they were looking for a rehab program and this is what she had to say.

Diana’s Advice to Parents about Looking for Drug Rehab

Diana's Son got off Heroin at Narconon Fresh Start“If I could give any advice to other parents, it would be to just try this program because it’s one of the most successful programs. I don’t know of any other rehab programs out there that are as successful as the Narconon Fresh Start programs. I know a lot of other parents who their kids have been (and not just kids, but spouses and whoever) have been in different programs and it hasn’t been very successful. Whereas, this program, the success rate is higher so why even try those other ones. You may end up spending more doing all of those other different programs than just starting off doing this program – the one time good deal. If I was having to make that decision and being in that struggle right now, I would already know that you just choose this program because it works and the success rate is so high. We’re so fortunate that he only had to go to this one program.

“How many programs actually offer a detox program where you have a physical change in you or to where you don’t have those physical cravings anymore? That is a physical thing that happens so the whole detox part of it is awesome. You’re healing your physical body as well as your mental and I don’t know what other programs out there offer that. And I like that it’s not other drugs that come into play. It’s vitamins so the body can heal itself. I’m just a firm believer in that. I think that’s why the program is as successful as it is because it has both the physical and the mental going on and you need both.

“I’m sure there are other programs where you get some kind of mental clarity, but they still have the physical craving. That’s not going to work. So you have to look at that. And this program offers that. It offers life skills that I as a parent can’t even teach my child that he now has forever. I think we all need those life skills and we probably wouldn’t have all of these social issues, but that’s another story.

“The program is worth it because whether it took my son three months to get through the program or it took him a year to get through the program, the cost paid for him to be there and to be successful at it. And if he had a relapse then it took care of that too and the success rate is just way higher than anything else so you almost have a guarantee for what you invest in and you know what, I’m investing in my son and that’s how I looked at it.”

– Diana

Watch a short video interview about how Diana’s son overcame heroin addiction at Narconon Fresh Start.

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