I Never Would Have Thought I Could Ever Feel This Good Again

I Never Would Have Thought I Would Ever Feel This Good AgainI never would have thought I could ever feel this good again. I feel like I did in high school before I began my drinking escape. Narconon Fresh Start has helped me so much in a variety of ways. I know how badly I was damaging my body, I know I was hanging out with the wrong group of people who were only bringing me down. I have successfully cut the toxic people out of my life and have begun repairing my relationship with my family. I am so grateful that I had this opportunity and can’t wait to use all of the things I have learned in my daily life.


A Sober Life with Myself, My Son, Friends and Groups Alike

I know through this program, I will continue to have realizations, reflections of myself to continue a sober life with myself, my son, friends and groups alike. I have nothing but gratitude for all those who have given me support throughout this process. Thank you all.


This Program has Helped Me Get Back On Track

I have done my best to be honest with myself. I am very excited for my future and whatever that holds. I am feeling very strong and very motivated. This program has helped me get back on track once again.


I Feel So Much Better and It’s Only Day 1!

I had my first day in sauna today. I actually feel so much better and it’s only day 1! I’ve been told that it will help me sleep and help with restless legs. I love the sauna and the whole reason for it.


I have Been Sweating all of the Toxins Out of My Body and I Feel Great

So far sauna has been a success. Everyday I am feeling better. I have been sweating all of the toxins out of my body and I feel great.


I Can Better My Life With Narconon Fresh Start

I’m almost done with Objectives and so far between sauna and objectives, I’ve gotten a lot out of the program. I can better my life with Narconon Fresh Start and I’m thankful for that.


I can Again be a Healthy Contributor to Myself, My Family and Society

I read and filled out exercises in the Personal Values book. I believe the success part of this for me is that I understood it. The action part is what will make this a success for me. In other words, using the knowledge I gained from this part of the program when I leave. I realized from the readings, I am a pretty moral and ethical being, but because I have had problems in the past, perhaps confronting situations in an unhealthy manner, and withholding have become a piece I need to do without to stay sober and continue a healthy lifestyle that I know and love. This course has given me the opportunity. I will continue to go back and read the material in this book as a reminder so I can again be a healthy contributor to myself, my family and society as I have been in the past, and can be again with these reminders.


I Feel Better About Myself

Course is helping me confront my overall issues that I never recognized before. It is good to write about it and feel some sort of closure. I feel better about myself.


I Am Truly Happy Within Me for Once

I am pleased with how far I have come since I got here. This program has not only taught me so much about myself, but it has taught me to love myself again. I am truly happy within me for once. Thank you so much to the whole staff for pushing me to keep going and being there for me.


I Am Excited to Move on With My Life and Have a Second Chance

During my Objectives course, I took my time and I got a lot out of it. Currently I am on my OW’s and am definitely getting a lot out of it. I am excited to move on with my life and have a second chance to do things right and move in the right direction.


I Know at the End I will Feel Like a Weight has Been Lifted off My Shoulders

I feel really good writing all of my transgressions. I feel a lot better getting the things I did wrong out even though writing them is really hard. I know at the end I will feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m taking this very seriously and am making sure I write down everything.


Sauna Got Me Feeling Healthy Again

Sauna got me feeling healthy again. I started to workout and run again. Objectives got me thinking more clearly. Narconon Fresh Start has given me the foundation to get my life back!


I Will Be Better Equipped to Handle Stressful Situations When They Arise

After starting the objective course I now realize that the skills I have learned in this course will help me in my day to day life when I re-enter society and I will be better equipped to handle stressful situations when they arise.


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