honesty, forthrightness, dependability, …

Don's Daughter Got Off Meth at Narconon Fresh StartDon’s daughter was addicted to meth. She came to Narconon Fresh Start and got her life back after trying several other rehabilitation programs.

We asked Don in a video interview what were some of the changes that he saw in his daughter Jana after she completed the Narconon Fresh Start program and this is what he had to say.

Success skills – they’re back!

“I’m sure that the program of Narconon Fresh Start is responsible for Jana coming back home to values that she embraced as a young child. Honesty; Jana couldn’t tell a lie when she was a little girl. I mean, not that she wanted to, but she couldn’t. When she was in her addiction, she certainly could, but today, that’s back. You know, honesty, forthrightness, dependability, I presume all of those things were emphasized within that program because they came back. Those kinds of skills that when I was in education, we called success indicators. Success skills – they’re back! They’re there and she practices them daily. Not only with us, but in her work and with her friends. I think this program is very responsible for her coming to that point in her life where she’s got this as a lifestyle.”


Watch a short video interview about how Jana beat her meth addiction at Narconon Fresh Start.

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